Bustaname turns 15! Time for some updates.

Posted By Ryan Stout on 08/29/2022

15 years ago I launched Bustaname, I really didn't expect it to still be going, but people seem to love it. So time for some backend updates. (Still keeping the dated design for now)

Better Results

I'm using a new service to get the list of registered domains, and I'm updating the list more frequently. You should find that the results are almost always 100% from here on out (unless it was registered in the previous 24 hours).

New Hosting

After 15 years hosted on iweb (the last 10 on the same machine!), it was time for a move to a more powerful machine, and a faster connection. We're now on an EC2 instance, so results should come up even faster.

Codebase Upgrades

To make the move happen, I had to upgrade some of the codebase and got everything building in a docker container, so it should be more portable going forward.

Fixed links

I also updated some of the buy links (more fixes coming there soon)


The site now runs over HTTPS (for secure queries.) This one is about 14 years overdue.

Lastly, I retired the hostsearchr and domainfriend functionality, none of which has worked in forever.

Thanks everyone for the support over the years, sorry it took me so long to find a few to fix things. If you like the bustaname, put a link to it somewhere :-)

Thanks, Ryan

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By Ryan Stout on 10/27/2023

One of the best pieces of the "old web"... love this site. -Michael S.

By on 08/01/2023

Great job man, I use this site a lot.

By on 11/06/2022

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By on 11/06/2022

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