Bustaname turns 15! Time for some updates.

Posted By Ryan Stout on 08/29/2022

15 years ago I launched Bustaname, I really didn't expect it to still be going, but people seem to love it. So time for some backend updates. (Still keeping the dated design for now)

Better Results

I'm using a new service to get the list of registered domains, and I'm updating the list more frequently. You should find that the results are almost always 100% from here on out (unless it was registered in the previous 24 hours).

New Hosting

After 15 years hosted on iweb (the last 10 on the same machine!), it was time for a move to a more powerful machine, and a faster connection. We're now on an EC2 instance, so results should come up even faster.

Codebase Upgrades

To make the move happen, I had to upgrade some of the codebase and got everything building in a docker container, so it should be more portable going forward.

Fixed links

I also updated some of the buy links (more fixes coming there soon)


The site now runs over HTTPS (for secure queries.) This one is about 14 years overdue.

Lastly, I retired the hostsearchr and domainfriend functionality, none of which has worked in forever.

Thanks everyone for the support over the years, sorry it took me so long to find a few to fix things. If you like the bustaname, put a link to it somewhere :-)

Thanks, Ryan

New Features and Bug Fixes

Posted By Ryan Stout on 02/17/2011

  • Added Hyphen search
  • Added "the" as prefix
  • Fixed display bug when domains got to large - now you can hover over domains to see full domain

We are considering adding 3 word combinations. Anyone out there really want this? It is a cool feature, but uses up a lot of our server power.

Also the safari scroll bug is giving me a run for my money, anyone have any ideas on a work around?

  • Ryan

3 Word Combine, Custom Prefixes/Suffixes, and bug fixes

Posted By Ryan Stout on 02/17/2011

The blogs title pretty much says it all. Here's what we launched:

  • 3 Word Combine BustAName can now do 3 word combinations and give you results. In order to get this to work though we had to put in a few restrictions on how many domains you can search at a time, so you might see this popup if you try to search for too many things at once (currently we are limiting it to 500 domains at a time) If you see the message, be aware that you can simple remove a few words, or uncheck a few options and continue.
  • Custom Prefixes/Suffixes Since 3 word combine is limited and produces a ton of results, we launched custom prefixes and suffixes. This should give you a bit more flexibility.
  • Bug Fixes A few of the big ones were 2 word combinations still being returned when they were unchecked and removing word issues.

Next Release

Here's some of the stuff I am working on for the next release:

  • Save searches
  • E-mail when new domains become available in saved searches
  • Sedo/Afternic/BuyDomains integration
  • New Look

Everyone please leave me your feedback on the new features and anything you would like to see.

Thanks, Ryan

Testing Sedo Search Integration

Posted By Ryan Stout on 02/17/2011

Note: this feature may come and go according to site load...

So I'm testing BustAName integration with the Sedo api. We'll see how well it works, I have the feeling this might not be to practical. Anyway, at the moment you can check "on Sedo" to see domains that are for sale in the available domains results. Domains for sale on sedo will have a dollar sign symbol beside them and instead of save will have a "Bid" button. The bid button will take you to the Sedo page for that domain.

A note of caution (and the main reason why I think this might not be to practical), when using the sedo search, the rest of the results will be slowed down quite a bit since BustAName has to make a Sedo api call each time a registered domain is found. Anyway, give it a try and let me know your feedback. I have been trying to work with Sedo to get a faster integration, but I think I need more traffic before I can pull that kind of weight.

  • Ryan

Saving Session and Quicker Buy

Posted By Ryan Stout on 02/17/2011

Probably the most requested feature since we started has been the ability to save sessions. Well, it's finally here. You will have to create an account when you go to save, but that's pretty easy, we just want an e-mail and password. Then you can resume sessions from anywhere. When you are going, just hit the "Save As" button, then choose a name for your session. You can later click "Load" and choose the session and it will be loaded up. As you go, you can hit the "Save" button to save it where you are. Also, if you close the page with an open session, next time you come back, it will prompt you to either "Resume the Last Session" or "Start a New Session" Best of all here is no more confirm boxes when you leave the page. Please give us some feedback on how we implemented this one.

Second new feature is a quicker buy button. The "Save for Review" button on domains has been changed to a simple button. You can click directly on the "Buy" button next to the domain and get a drop down of places to buy. Just something to make buying a little quicker.