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Posted By Ryan Stout on 02/17/2011

After finding a domain, the second biggest problem when starting a web site is finding good hosting. There are a ton of hosting companies out there, but finding one that meets your needs without overpaying is tough. To solve this we created our new hosting search tool.

The hosting search tool lets you see a list of hosting plans from 20+ hosting companies (and we're adding more every day). It gives you easy access to the important things like disk space, monthly transfer, price, setup fee, and we even have a review/rating system. Most important is our filtering system which lets you set ranges for any numerical value (price, disk space, transfer, domain price (for companies that sell domains with hosting), number e-mail accounts, number of databases, cpu speed, and amount of ram. We also give you check boxes for specific features that you need, such as php, mysql, plesk, and a whole lot more.

The list sorts by price by default, and displays the basic info above. We also have a compare feature where you can select a few plans that you are considering and see every feature side by side (Note: this is cool, give it a try)

Our review system uses geocoding techniques to prevent the hosting companies themselves from leaving good reviews of themselves or as is often the case, bad reviews of the competition. When a user leaves a review, we show the geocoding data along side with the review. So you will be able to see the reviewers ip, network, and location (city, state) With that information, we can easily flag users submitting reviews from a hosting company's network. Reviews also have a ranking system, which lets you see things like uptime, tech support, customer service, server speed, value for cost, and an average of all of the previous values.

Lastly, we have a quick buy link so you can get up and running quickly. Please be sure to leave a review of your existing hosting plans so other users will know what they should buy.

Give our new hosting search a try.

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